What a Hoot

What a Hoot is a five reel slot machine produced by the game publisher Microgaming with nine paylines and wild cards, as well as simple, fun and very satisfying gameplay for a casino game. In this article, which is a review,

Introducing What a Hoot Slot Machine

The game revolves around a group of hedonistic night birds that sleep all day and like to party at night. This is why in the background you will hear a lot of chatter and laughter, with the sound of drums, when you are playing.

The game features a starry night-style play area, and symbols including nuts and fruits. The game gives pride of place to the owl revelers themselves, as they chase the boobies all night long.

Fun Gameplay

What a Hoot Slot Machine is a great choice for all players looking to have fun and win real money prizes. With its vibrant graphics, friendly characters and nice 96.94% RTP, it already enjoys a large following among slots fans. Many online casinos have recognized its potential and regularly offer cool bonuses to players interested in the game.

However, don't be fooled by its apparent simplicity. The first impression can be deceiving because this What a Hoot of online slots can be as stimulating and engaging as its more complex cousins. As the developers cut back on all superficial features and focused on gameplay, this little gaming gem will keep you busy for hours, if you know how to choose your online casino to play it.

Game Modes

What a Hoot slot machine is unique, in that it does not have a bonus mode to speak of. While some players may find the absence of this rewarding mode very annoying, it also means that the likelihood of you winning is very high.

There's also an auto-play feature included, which lets you set the number of hands to play for you - the AI ​​takes care of it.

Conclusion on What a Hoot Slot

What a Hoot offers a very attractive graphic look and a simple yet fun online slot machine with many winning combinations.