Aces & Faces Poker

Are you a professional player of the online poker? Do you know all its versions ? Have you ever played video poker? We invite you to try the Microgaming Aces and Faces Poker slot machine. It is a game which is worthy of any poker enthusiast's attention, as it presents the best features of poker in the modern model having excellent graphics characteristics. If you like poker and slots, Aces and Faces Poker video slot awaits you ! Learn more about this game in our review.

Aces and Faces Poker: description

The interface of the Aces and Faces Poker slot is presented by the field with combinations, cards, bet buttons and other functions. It will be convenient for you to play from your mobile in one of the online casino. Everything is simple, you don't have to spend hours in order to get by in the settings. In addition, all graphics are well done. The model is very nice from the point of view of graphic characteristics and animations. It must be said that you feel in a real casino, both the graphics and the sound accompaniment are well developed. All the most progressive technologies have been used to create this video slot.

The game and the combinations

Microgaming's Aces And Faces Poker rules are no different from those in traditional games. For this reason professional gamers like to have a little fun on this video slot. You place the bet and receive five cards. If you have the stronger combinations than the dealer's, you win. The main combinations are:

  • Flush - 5 cards of the same suit
  • Square - 4 cards of the same par. It must be said that Microgaming decided to change the traditional rules a bit and made a few types of squares with different payouts.
  • Four Aces - this is the Four Aces Square.
  • Royal Flush - ace, king, queen, jack and 10 of the same suit. This is the strongest combination.

Speaking of the gains it must be said that they are quite large. You can win large sums and multiply your initial bets. In addition, for Royal Flush you receive the 4000 credits jackpot.

Special options

Microgaming invites players to play the risk game. By betting all your money you can try to multiply it considerably. You are offered five cards, one of which is open and four are hidden. Your goal is to choose a card that will be stronger than the open one. If you feel able to guess it, play and win !

In addition, you can always test the Aces and Faces video slot for free. This way you learn the rules and combinations so you don't stress too much during real money games. Free mode is perfect for beginners or for gamers looking for quiet, yet interesting entertainment.

The Aces and Faces video slot has it all so you can have a good rest while earning some money. Microgaming has decided to outdo all of the competition by creating an excellent quality product that is based on traditional poker, but offers more convenient and interactive gameplay. In addition, the jackpot and all the bonuses offered increase your chances of winning. Don't waste your time and start a game right away !