Roulette strategy: learn to play roulette online in the USA

In the online casinos like physical ones, roulette is one of the most popular games for players. This game has simple rules and can get exciting very quickly when the conditions are right. Although this is a game of chance, it is important to set up a roulette casino strategy, if you want to make gains. What is a roulette strategy and what are the best strategies to use to win at roulette?

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What is a roulette strategy?

Talk about roulette strategy may seem superfluous when you know the randomness of this table game. In fact, in roulette, it's about betting on a color, a column or a number. When the ball falls in the correct part, we have won. So, can we really put in place a strategy to beat the casino??

In fact, a roulette strategy is not designed for the game itself, but to better manage your bankroll. When you use a game technique, you have a better chance of winning at roulette because you are able to manage your bets. In the long run, you may come out a winner. Without any strategy, you really won't know how much you bet and whether you made any profit from playing. You are sailing a bit blind with no strategy.

Some elements of roulette strategy to know

You know, before you get into roulette, you need to adopt a roulette casino strategy. There are many strategies you can use to better manage your bankroll. We present some of them to you in this part.


This is arguably the most well-known roulette strategy among players. In Martingale, when you lose, you double your bet in the next game. Therefore, when you win, you take possession of the money you lost and you also get a profit with which you will have your initial stake.

The limit of the Martingale is that this system assumes you have infinite money, which means you won't run out of it to double your bet.


If you think that the Martingale is not at your level, we suggest that you turn to the Labouchère. However, this roulette strategy is relatively complicated since it has many rules. With the Labouchère, the player must have an objective of winning. He then divides the desired sum into small amounts. He adds the numbers at the left and right ends of the sequence to find the first amount to bet.

In the event that he wins this first bet, he crosses the numbers and then uses the 2 numbers at the ends which follow to make his second bet. If the bet is losing, the amount that had been bet is added to the level of the right part of the sequence.


D'Alembert's roulette strategy is based on a progression system like the Martingale, but it is less aggressive than the latter. With the D’Alembert, the player must opt ​​for an Even money strategy, which consists of placing the same amount when you win. In the event that you lose, you will need to increase the amount of your bet and use the same amount as long as you win.


If you have some knowledge of mathematics, you certainly know what a Fibonacci sequence is. This roulette strategy that you can use in a real money casino is based on this sequel. It is more used by experienced players, but if you understand the rules you will be able to get by too.

With this strategy, a number is the sum of the 2 digits that precede it. As an example, a Fibonacci sequence will give: 2, 2, 4, 6, 14, 28, etc.

What strategy to play live roulette?

If you do not have the option of going to a physical casino, but want to enjoy the experience that this type of casino has to offer, we suggest you try the alternative of live games offered by casinos. So you can use a strategy to play live roulette.

In this case, which strategy to use will depend heavily on you. In fact, the explanations we have given have given you an idea of ​​how the different techniques work. Some seemed easier to understand than others. You can opt for these strategies. Also, remember to use the one that allows you to better manage your capital and for this, the Martingale, although a little aggressive is the best suited.

Also, despite using a roulette strategy, if you don't know how to deal with the adrenaline and stress of live dealer roulette, you may be missing out on your game. The management of these two factors therefore constitutes a basis for success in this game.


What is the best casino roulette strategy?

The best roulette casino strategy is the one through which you can manage your bankroll well. Among the Martingale, the Labouchère, the Fibonacci sequence or the D’Alembert, by doing an analysis, you can find one that you understand better and that helps to manage your capital well.

Can you make money with a roulette strategy?

The goal of roulette strategies is to help you manage your betting capital well. By playing without any strategy, it is difficult to really know if you have lost or won. So by using a strategy, you will be able to do an evaluation and see what exactly you have won. It is therefore possible to earn money using a roulette strategy.

Do roulette strategies apply to live play?

Yes, even if you choose to play live dealer roulette there is a strategy that will come in handy. In this case, in addition to the strategy, you will also need other tips such as managing your stress and adrenaline.